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Recycling Pharmaceutical Waste London

Need your pharmaceutical waste recycled? Recycling of pharmaceutical waste requires an expert with an inept level of understanding of how to handle the waste. Don’t just hire any company, get Waste company to do the work for you. We are fully licensed and equipped to manage all kinds of pharmaceutical waste. We also offer you bins and bags appropriate for your pharmaceutical waste storage for free to ensure the safe collection and disposal of your pharmaceutical waste. Call us today on 020 3369 6005. 

 What is Pharmaceutical Waste?

Pharmaceutical waste is any waste from healthcare services, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants/factories and home based care homes. It is any medical waste that is discarded, used, expired, or no longer needed. It comes in two different types, namely, solid waste and liquid waste. Both these types may be hazardous or non-harmful also known as general or noninfectious pharmaceutical waste. 

Management of pharmaceutical waste requires delicate care. This is why it is governed by stringent rules and mishandling of it may lead to heavy fines, closure of your business and even imprisonment. It is for this reason that businesses that create pharmaceutical waste are urged to use a licensed waste company for their waste disposal. Waste company will ensure that you get to uphold your legal Duty of Care requirement by properly managing your waste for you.

What Happens To Pharmaceutical Waste?

Pharmaceutical waste needs to be disposed of. But, this disposal is a special kind. It can’t just be disposed of in the usual way. It needs extra carefulness and precautions because of its dangerous nature. As we’ve already mentioned, some pharmaceutical waste is considered dangerous because it can cause adverse reactions when in contact with humans and the environment. It is full of harmful contaminants, pathogens and could lead to death or serious injury. 

Pharmaceutical waste also needs to be kept separate from your other regular waste. Waste company has color coded plastic bags and bins that will enable your business to know what plastic or bin contains what kind of waste. For example, clinical waste such as syringes, medicinal vials, patches, gloves and wipes are usually stored in yellow or purple bags. The purple bags would carry infectious waste and the yellow bags carry non-infectious waste. However, some infectious waste is stored in yellow but clearly marked bags.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

In the untrained eyes, the process of pharmaceutical waste may seem daunting but it isn’t. All you have to do is to tell us what kind of pharmaceutical waste your business creates  so we can advise you accordingly. It is from this information where we will be able to advise you on what kind of bins you need, how to properly store your pharmaceutical waste before we collect it for disposal.  


Some pharmaceutical waste needs to be treated so that it’s rid of all hazardous chemicals in it before it can be disposed of. The treatment ensures less harmful reactions with nature or humans once the pharmaceutical waste is disposed of. However, it is not as foolproof as incineration.


Incineration is the process by which the pharmaceutical waste is disposed of using heat. You basically burn it in enclosed, safe spaces that will prevent the harmful gases produced from the fumes and chemicals created from the combustions. This is the safest way of disposing of pharmaceutical waste and it also leaves you with much less liability.

Pharmaceutical waste management sounds scary. Waste company is here for you. We will answer all of your questions related to pharmaceutical waste management. Call us on 020 3369 6005

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