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Are you looking for an innovative waste company to manage your plastic waste? Then you have come to the right place. Here at Waste company we have all the tools, manpower, and expertise to manage your plastic waste in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient way.

We know that running a business is no easy feast and to take the weight off of your shoulders, so we handle the waste management aspect for you. We can provide free bins and offer an obligation free quote. No matter the amount of your plastic  waste, we can collect it. 

What is Plastic Waste Management?

Plastic waste management is how we ensure that the amount of plastic waste in our businesses and homes is properly managed and reduced. This may be through innovative solutions such as plastic recycling, plastic reuse or finding innovative, more sustainable ways of packaging our food and such.

It is true that plastic is very beneficial to society. It makes our lives easier, it is lightweight and durable. However, because plastic is associated with being readily available and disposable, we don’t often put enough thoughts into saving it. We think it is disposable. And it is because of this reasoning  that plastic waste has become such a major issue when it comes to pollution. We see it everywhere. In our oceans, rivers and dms, in our landfills, our streets, everywhere. It is slowly becoming a global pandemic and a threat to our ecosystems, especially our seas. 

How do we manage plastic waste?

Managing plastic waste is simple. It all begins with little steps from your business like choosing the right company to handle your plastic waste such as Waste company London. We keep you on the loop every step of the way. Provide you with a waste transfer note for your security as well as offer you all the information you need and would like to know about plastic waste management. There are a couple of steps involved in waste management such as plastic waste reduction and plastic waste recycling and it all begins with you.

Plastic Reduction

Managing plastic waste is simple. The first step would be reduction. Businesses and the nation as whole need to look into ways of reducing the need of plastics in their respective places. The best way to do this would be finding replacement for plastic products we use everyday in our offices. For example, plastic cups. Instead of having your tea or coffee out of a disposable plastic cup, you might want to use an actual teacup or coffee mug instead. 

Another way of reducing plastic waste in the office is by using packaging that is made out of non-disposable plastic material. It is okay to use your plastic container as long as it offers you the ability to wash it and reuse it again multiple times. 

Trade your plastic spoons for normal spoons. Bringing your own spoon or fork and knife from home might help curb the plastic waste problem. Plastic spoons are disposable whereas your normal spoon can be reused for ages.

Last but not least, we can look at different options for straws, which are one of the leading plastic pollutants in our oceans. The fact that they’re nonrecyclable does not help either. This is why there’s been implementations to use paper straws instead. If you hate the paper straws, consider drinking directly from the cup/ bottle or buy a sippy bottle that you will be able to use repeatedly.

Plastic Recycling

Another one of the popular ways to manage plastic waste is through recycling. Waste company has over 30 years of experience in handling all kinds of waste including plastic waste. We are especially skilled in recycling plastic because of our zero landfill policy. This means that we try by all means possible to ensure that the plastic we collect from businesses does not end up in landfills. 

Recycling plastic ensures the conservation of our natural resources. Plastic is made from our raw organic materials such as coal, natural gases, crude oil and salt. Recycling ensures that we preserve these resources as well as the amount of energy it takes to create plastic from scratch. Recycling plastic uses much less energy and almost zero of the natural resources mentioned above because we are creating from what is already made.

Call us today and we will ensure that your plastic waste is handled with utmost care and responsibility. 

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