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Paper Waste Management London

Are you looking for a reliable waste company to handle your business’s paper waste management? Then Waste company is your best bet. We pride ourselves in efficiency and our cost effective practices. Our waste management comes with fee bins, obligation free quotes which are also free to create, excellent customer service and anytime anywhere waste collection.

We are the number one waste collection company in London. Our services extend beyond just providing waste collection and waste recycling, we also take into consideration your obligation to your Duty of Care and have measures set in place to ensure that we help you uphold it. 

What is Paper Waste Management? 

Paper waste management involves measures that are set in place to ensure that there is limited paper waste being created through paper waste reduction, paper recycling, or paper reuse. It is basically a means to an end and that end is reducing paper waste. We understand that for businesses, reducing paper waste might be particularly hard but the best thing is knowing how to manage the waste that your company produces. To do that you need to understand how is the paper waste created? Can it be reduced? Are there any other ways of doing things that don’t involve paper usage? For example, keeping important information in cloud computers instead of filing them through papers and putting them in the file cabinets. 

Understanding various methods available to you to manage the paper waste you create and how you created it and if there are any other methods you can implement to avoid creating the waste in the first place helps you better manage your business’s paper waste.

Paper Waste Recycling

As we have already mentioned one of the best ways to manage your paper waste is through paper waste recycling. So, what exactly is paper waste recycling? Paper recycling is the method by which paper waste is taken to recycling centres where it  will be reprocessed to create newspapers, new office papers, or cardboard material.

For this to be successful, paper waste needs to be stored separately from other waste. Here at Waste company we can provide you with free bins where you can keep your paper waste stored so that is kept dry and separate from other waste such as food, plastic, etc. We are able to recycle all kinds of paper, including shredded paper as well as paper containing confidential information. 

Paper Waste Recycling Process

The five steps involved in the paper waste recycling process namely collection and transportation, sorting, pulping, de-inking and new paper making. Let’s go through them individually:

Collection and Transportation

This is the first stage. During this stage will collect the waste at your premises at any given time that you prefer. We can collect it weekly, daily, monthly, and at any time of the day including the night if that is what you prefer. We tailor our service to your needs. We will then transport the waste to recycling centres. 


At the recycling centres to waste will be sorted according to paper types, grades, and quality. During this stage, the recycling centre will remove any fibrous impurities such as staples, plastics, and plasters from the paper waste.


This is a third stage where the waste will then be mixed with water and some chemicals to create what is known as slurry. 


Drinking is a process whereby the slurry is Faisal purified to remove any ink or discoloration in the papers. This is to make the paper whiter because the pulping process may have caused the paper to have a weird color. After removing the ink from the papers, a brighter colour is achieved by using bleach. 

New paper making

After the de-inking process, a new paper will then be created from the slurry. it will either be sent to manufacturing factories or production factories where it will be created to new paper materials. These new paper materials might be office papers, cardboard, newspapers, magazines etc. 

Importance of Paper Waste Recycling 

The creation of new paper takes a huge toll on our environment. There’s a large use of energy involved, copious amounts of water and water pollution, cutting down of trees which ultimately destroys habitats and life forms we need to keep the earth alive. Recycling ensures that all of this is avoided. By recycling one ton of paper, you’re saving millions of trees, large amounts of energy and water as well other life forms that need forests to thrive. We cannot think of any better way to honor your Duty of Care. 

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