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Hazardous Waste Management London

Do you own a business that produces hazardous waste and looking for an efficient, cost effective way to manage your waste? Then you have come to the right place. Waste company in London is a leading waste management company with the proper working knowledge of hazardous waste management.

Call us today on 020 3369 6005  anytime and we will provide you with an obligation free quote, free bin and bin delivery. We also provide you with excellent customer service and anytime, anywhere waste collection with discretion. At Waste company, we will give you hazardous waste bins, sharps bins, and removal of ppe at a low cost while ensuring that you are obliging with your Duty of Care.

What is Classified as Hazardous Waste?

HHazardous is any waste with the potential of being harmful to living things and the environment. It can be corrosive, radioactive, combustible or infectious. When it comes into contact with humans and animals and even the environment, it causes lethal and harmful reactions. As a result. Hazardous waste needs to be kept separately from regular waste as it requires special care and precautions. Also, people trained in handling regular waste may not be as equipped with handling regular waste. If it is not separated from regular waste, it may inflict harm to the people handling regular waste because they will not be taking the proper precautions needed for hazardous waste. 

In fact, proper hazardous waste management is law. Failure to abide by this law will result in you being arrested or the closure of your business. 

How to Manage Hazardous Waste?

Management of hazardous waste is not particularly hard when you know how to. At Waste company, we have our staff well trained and well-prepared to handle hazardous waste. The management of hazardous waste involves the collection, treatment, and disposal of the waste. All of this needs to be done delicately and in a way that abides by the Strategy for Hazardous Waste Management in England (2010). 

Hazardous Waste Characteristics 

There are a number of ways hazardous waste is characterized including biological, physical and chemical properties. These properties are either toxic, combustible, corrosive, infectious or radioactive.

Toxic waste – Toxic waste is infectious and can be deadly even in the smallest traces. They can cause illnesses and can be fatal.

Combustible waste –  Combustible waste is also known as reactive waste and can spotaneolsy react or combust when it comes into contact with water or even air. They can also cause fires even at relatively low temperatures.

Corrosive waste– This  is the kind of waste that is acidic or alkaline. They can melt and destroy anything they come into contact with.

Infectious waste– This waste is used in bandages, needled and all other hazardous materials from healthcare services. 

If you do not know whether or not  the waste your business makes falls under the hazardous waste, the above list might help. Due to its potential to maim, injure or even cause infections, businesses are required to use qualified waste companies like us to dispose of their waste. Call us today on 020 3369 6005.

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