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Cardboard Recycling London

Cardboard is a great material for packaging. It is strong and durable and made from renewable and  recyclable material. It is also one of the most populations we have. For proper cardboard management, call up the Waste company today on 020 3369 6005 and we will manage your cardboard waste for you cost-effectively and in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner.

We are  licensed and equipped with extensive experience of over 30 years to manage and recycle cardboard waste. We also offer you bins and balers appropriate for your cardboard waste management including collection and recycling of your cardboard waste. Call us today on 020 3369 6005. 

Difference Between Cardboard and Paper Waste

Cardboard is made out of paper stacked together to create a much sturdier material than a single paper. It comes in two different kinds, corrugated cardboard and paperboard. Corrugated cardboard is sturdier and used for heavier packaging such as furniture or a stack of books. Paperboard is thinner and used for items that weigh less than furniture such as cereal, shoes, milk cartoons, juice boxes etc. 

There is not a lot of difference between cardboard and paper waste since they’re both made of the same material. The only difference is that cardboard is sturdier and may need to be kept in baler compactors due to their composition.

How to Recycle Cardboard Waste London

Cardboard recycling is as beneficial to the environment as much as recycling paper is. Recycling one ton of cardboard can save a large number of trees and a sizable amount of landfill space. Recycling of cardboard  is as follows:


The collection process starts at your businesses premises. We will come and collect your waste at your premises where it will be taken to a recycling plant to begin the recycling process. We can offer you free bins and balers to store your cardboard waste at a convenient location that will enable us to come collect the waste without disrupting your day-to-day business proceedings.

Sorting and Pulping

At the recycling centre, the waste will be sorted according to the cardboard grades. For example, corrugated cardboard will be mixed with other corrugated cardboard while paperboard goes to the other paperboards. After the sorting, it will be added with water and chemicals to create slurry. This process is called pulping. The slurry is the mixture of wet recycled paper that new paper or cardboard will be created from.

De-inking and Filtering

De-inking is the process whereby ink is removed from the slurry to further purify. In this process, foreign material such as plastic, staples and other material found in cardboard is removed. 

They’re separated from the pulp by using a centrifuge which spins the mixture until the foreign material bubbles on top or is pushed under.


This is the stage where the pulp is dried and prepared for re-use. The pulp is placed on a conveyor belt where, after drying, it will move to various processes to make new cardboard material. During these further processes, excess water will be removed and at the end we will have what is known as paper sheets or liner boards  to make new cardboard material.

Recycling cardboard comes with many benefits. It helps reduce pollution, saves our environment from dying out, saves energy and our trees as well as water. Contact waste company to help you manage your cardboard waste.

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